This element defines which editor is active inside a panel. Editors are rendered with tabs. The active editor is the top tab. Scenome applications use this element to remember which editor was active when the program shuts down. If this element is not present, the application sets the first editor in the list as active.

Attribute Value
GUID String, "{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"


Several examples are provided below.

  1. The following example shows how to define an <activeview> element.
    <activeview guid="{89BA8C40-0FCD-41BE-A59A-FF699CA45070}" />
  2. The following example shows how to create a docking bar "panel" containing three editors. This element must specify the editor GUID.
    <dockbar name="Primary Panel" guid="{89BA8C40-0FCD-41BE-A59A-FF699CA45070}">
       <dockedview name="Hierarchy" guid="{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <dockedview name="Materials" guid="{1F922102-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <dockedview name="Enumerate" guid="{1F922100-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <activeview guid="{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
    <dockbar name="Secondary Panel" guid="{E3D1005D-897A-4674-A235-0E3AE931B026}">
      <dockedview name="Properties" guid="{1F91F9F5-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
      <dockedview name="Scripts" guid="{1F91F9F4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
      <dockedview name="Output" guid="{1F922109-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
      <activeview guid="{1F91F9F5-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
  3. The primary panel hosting three editors. The hierarchy editor is active. This is a dockbar.
  4. The secondary panel hosting three editors. The property editor is active. This is a dockbar.