Editor GUID Reference

Each editor has its own GUID. This is required for XML storage as well as for access inside C++ or script-based commands. Editors must be implemented in C++ by a programmer. If you write a new editor, it must have its own GUID.

Editor GUID
Hierarchy Editor {1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Property Editor {1F91F9F5-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Material Editor {1F922102-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Enumerate Editor {1F922100-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Output Editor {1F922109-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Script Editor {1F91F9F4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}
Paint Editor {1F92209E-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}