This element defines an editor hosted inside a docking bar. Dockedview elements specify editors such as the hierarchy editor, material editor, and property editor, by linking the element to the editor's GUID. Editors are created by programmers and assigned a GUID in their source code.

Attribute Value
name String, "Hierarchy"
GUID String, "{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"


Several examples are provided below.

  1. The following example shows how to define a <dockedview> element.
    <dockedview name="Hierarchy" guid="{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/>
  2. The following example shows how to create a docking bar "panel" containing three editors.
    <dockbar name="Primary Panel" guid="{89BA8C40-0FCD-41BE-A59A-FF699CA45070}">
       <dockedview name="Hierarchy" guid="{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <dockedview name="Materials" guid="{1F922102-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <dockedview name="Enumerate" guid="{1F922100-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
       <activeview guid="{1F91F9F6-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}"/> 
  3. The following example shows the resulting panel and editors. This is a dockbar.