This element defines the main menu bar. This element must be closed. The main menu bar is important because Scenome applications direct keyboard inputs to the main menu when macros such as ALT + F + S are invoked. You should only have one main menu bar per XML file! Otherwise the application will not know where to direct keyboard input and will choose the main menu bar that appears first in the XML file.

Attribute Value
name string, "Menu Bar"


Several examples are provided below.

  1. The following example shows how to define a <menu> element.
    <menu name="Menu Bar"></menu>
  2. A main menu bar containing only select and modify commands. The menu is rendered using the order defined in the XML file.
    <menu name="Menu Bar">
       <popup name="&Select">
          <item name="Activate &Select Mode" guid="{1F91F897-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate &Nelect Mode" guid="{1F91F897-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate Select + &Faces" guid="{1F91F8DB-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Edges" guid="{1F91F8DA-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Vertices" guid="{1F91F8D9-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Light" guid="{1F91F8D4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate Select + &Handle" guid="{1F9323D4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
       <popup name="&Modify">
          <item name="&Bevel" guid="{1F91FA5E-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Collapse" guid="{1F91F99F-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Dissolve" guid="{1F91F9A0-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Extrude" guid="{1F91FA5F-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Inset" guid="{1F91FA60-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Material" guid="{1F91F9A1-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Te&xture" guid="{1F91FAC2-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Transform" guid="{1F91F92A-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="T&riangulate" guid="{1F91F9A5-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="D&elete" guid="{1F91F998-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/>   
  3. The menu bar: This is the Menu Bar.
  4. The Select popup: This is the Select popup menu.
  5. The Modify popup: This is the Modify popup menu.