Scenome applications use SCRIPT.INI to determine the path and filename of scripts currently used by the application. There are times when it can be useful to modify SCRIPT.INI, such as when you wish to quickly uninstall a large number of scripts, or when you wish to uninstall a script that causes a Scenome application to crash upon startup.

The total count for all references to INTEGER starts at 0.

Element Description
[SCRIPTS] This header is delimited by square braces and contains the ASCII string SCRIPTS.
Script Files=INTEGER [ Script Files ] + [ = ] + [ INTEGER ], where INTEGER is the total number of scripts.
Script[INTEGER]=PATH [ Script ] + [ INTEGER ] + [ = ] + [ PATH ]
Script[INTEGER]Loaded=0 This means the script is NOT loaded by the Scenome application upon startup.
Script[INTEGER]Loaded=1 This means the script is compiled and then loaded by the Scenome application upon startup. Script compiler error messages are displayed in the output window.

Figure 1.1. Sample SCRIPT.INI that loads two scripts.

Script Files=2
Script0=c:\program files\scenomics\scripts\my_scripts.ssl
Script1=c:\program files\scenomics\scripts\other_scripts.ssl