Open Windows Folder To Raspberry Pi® Shared Folder

You need the following Simdify® modules to complete all exercises involving the Raspberry Pi: Simdify® Free Edition

You can skip this section if you already know how to copy files from your Windows® PC to your Raspberry Pi® device.

When working with the Raspberry Pi®, it is convenient to have an easy way to transfer files between the Windows® development PC and the Raspberry Pi®. This exercise shows one of many ways this can be done. The steps will include:

  1. Setting up a SAMBA server on the Raspberry Pi®.
  2. Creating a shared folder on the Raspberry Pi®.
  3. Mapping the shared folder as a Windows® hard drive. Ex: D:\, E:\, or F:\.

Once this has been done, files can easily be moved between the Windows® development PC and the Raspberry Pi®.

Set Up a Shared Folder On The Raspberry Pi® 3B + Using A SAMBA Server

  1. Use the following link for instructions to install a Samba Server on your Raspberry Pi® and set up a shared folder which will be accessible from your Windows® development PC.

    How to Set Up a Raspberry Pi® Samba Server - Pi My Life Up

    Once this shared folder has been created the instructions explain how to map a Windows drive to it. Using this mapped drive you can easily transfer files between your Windows® development PC and the Raspberry Pi®.

Open The Folder

  1. Using Windows® Explorer, open the drive mapped to the Raspberry Pi® shared folder created in the previous steps.
  2. Open the shared folder.

    You'll create new folders here during Raspberry Pi® exercises.