You need the following Simdify® modules to complete all exercises for Windows®: Simdify® Free Edition. Each exercise will tell you if other modules are required.

Simdify is a platform for GPU computing that includes a family of Windows® desktop applications, Simdify Scripting Language, and features to generate applications. The Layout application allows you to design OpenGL applications and export them to 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows®.

The process is as follows:

  1. Use the application on your Windows® development PC to create and debug an OpenGL application.
  2. Export the application layout as a Microsoft Visual Studio® solution file, with all necessary C++ source code and binary files.
  3. Open the solution, compile it into a finished, stand-alone application, and run it.

Basic requirements are as follows:

Item Description
Microsoft Windows® PCYou'll need a PC that is from 2015 or newer.
RAMYou'll need at least 4GB of RAM, preferably more.
GPUYou'll need a GPU from Intel®, AMD®, or Nvidia® that is capable of running your target version of OpenGL/GLSL. If you want to use compute shaders, you'll need a GPU that supports GLSL 430 or higher.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 or higher.Require only if you want to compile the exported applications. We include full Simdify Scripting Language source code to the exporter, and full C++ source for the exporter itself, so if you're ambitious and technically qualified, the exporter could be adapated to use different compilers on Windows®.
Working KnowledgeThis series assumes you know how to use Microsoft Windows® and Windows® desktop application. We assume that you are familiar with things like the main menus, command/context menus, file explorer windows, as well as how to open and save documents, including text files.