Simdify Scripting Language uses keywords to delimit structures. All keywords are reserved. You cannot use keywords for variable names, function names, macro names, or parameter names.

Keyword Explanation
function Denotes the start of a function declaration.
macro Denotes the start of a macro declaration.
if Denotes the start of an if statement.
else Denotes the start of an else case for an if statement.
while Denotes the start of a while statement.
for Denotes the start of a for statement.
continue Denotes conditional loop continuation.
break Denotes conditional loop termination.
auto Denotes automatic storage duration and invokes RAII resource storage rules.
new Denotes object allocation.
delete Denotes object deletion.
ref Denotes that a parameter is passed by reference instead of value.
return Denotes function termination and returns to the previous function.
int Denotes an integer declaration.
uint Denotes an unsigned integer declaration.
int64 Denotes a 64-bit integer declaration.
uint64 Denotes a 64-bit unsigned integer declaration.
double Denotes a double-precision declaration.
bool Denotes a Boolean declaration.
string Denotes a string declaration.
void Denotes a function without any return type.