This element defines a command reference and links it to a Scenome application command via GUID. This element must be closed. <item> elements are used in popup menus, context menus, and toolbars.

The ampersand indicates the trigger letter used to invoke the command via macro. The name is the name of the item as it appears in the interface. The GUID is used to map the command reference to a specific C++ or scripted command. If text is true, the item appears with a text name. If image is true, the command appears with its image. Many <item> elements use both text and image. Images for C++ commands must be stored as Windows resources. Images for script commands can be stored as resources or linked to on the hard disk. You cannot specify a command image in the item element.

Attribute Value
name String, "&File".
GUID String, "{1F91F850-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}".
text Boolean, "True" or "False".
image Boolean, "True" or "False".


Several examples are provided below.

  1. The following example shows how to define an <item> element.
    <item name="Mesh Face" guid="{1F91F8DB-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
  2. The following example shows a menu bar containing only select and modify commands. Command references are defined with <item> elements.
    <menu name="Menu Bar">
       <popup name="&Select">
          <item name="Activate &Select Mode" guid="{1F91F897-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate &Nelect Mode" guid="{1F91F897-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate Select + &Faces" guid="{1F91F8DB-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Edges" guid="{1F91F8DA-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Vertices" guid="{1F91F8D9-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Activate Select + &Light" guid="{1F91F8D4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
          <item name="Activate Select + &Handle" guid="{1F9323D4-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="false" image="true"/>
       <popup name="&Modify">
          <item name="&Bevel" guid="{1F91FA5E-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Collapse" guid="{1F91F99F-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Dissolve" guid="{1F91F9A0-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Extrude" guid="{1F91FA5F-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Inset" guid="{1F91FA60-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Material" guid="{1F91F9A1-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="Te&xture" guid="{1F91FAC2-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="&Transform" guid="{1F91F92A-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="T&riangulate" guid="{1F91F9A5-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/> 
          <item name="D&elete" guid="{1F91F998-F612-46D4-A453-4B81096121A9}" text="true" image="true"/>   
  3. The following example shows the resulting menu bar: This is the Menu Bar.
  4. The following example shows the select popup: This is the Select popup menu.
  5. The following example shows the modify popup: This is the Modify popup menu.