Build Reusable Compute Services Quickly & Easily

With Simdify Compute+, Simdify Texture+, and Simdify Variable+, you’ll have all the tools you need to build scripted compute pipelines. Want to learn more?

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How It Works

Design and debug compute shaders with Simdify® applications. Use Simdify Scripting Language to compose them into services.


Create and debug compute shaders with the workload design application. Once your shaders are done, you’re ready to start building reusable compute pipelines.


Simdify Scripting Language has complete access to the same OpenGL features used by the application itself. Implement and debug your compute pipeline.


Once your compute service is ready, you can execute it from within the workload design application, or from a Windows PowerShell / command line script.


Build CPU Compute Layers

Most GPU compute applications need a thick layer of CPU code in order to bootstrap the compute service, ingest and process data, and set up the compute shaders on the GPU. Simdify Scripting Language is faster and easier to use than C++.

Build GPU Compute Layers

The GPU compute layer will be composed primarily of GLSL driven by Simdify Scripting Language, using shaders that you have already written with the workload design application.

Thoroughly Tested

Our scripted GPU compute library has been in development for over a decade. We even include thousands of lines of scripted unit test code so that you can test your own GPU if necessary.

Awesome Flexibility

Simdify Scripting Language has full support for all standard numeric types, plus complete access to 1000+ API objects, including many algorithms and core imaging operations.

Incredible Infrastructure

Simdify’s scripted infrastructure is vast. Access a wide variety of tools and techniques to build and connect compute services with ease.

World Class Documentation

Step-by-step tutorials that show you how to build, debug, and export OpenGL/GLSL workloads. There are thousands of pages of API reference documentation. Application commands and nodes are well-documented.


Less than dinner out at a cool restaurant. Friendly licensing terms for individuals and businesses. No monthly vampire bites. Includes free updates for a year.

Start building reusable compute services.

Buy Simdify Compute+ today, and see why it’s the easiest way to build reusable compute services on top of OpenGL.

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