Shaders for Raspberry Pi® 3/4. Easy as Pi!

With Simdify Free Edition, you can have a shader running on your Raspberry Pi 3/4 in minutes. Design shaders in our Windows® desktop application and export complete C++ applications to your favorite Raspberry Pi device.

50K+ Downloads | No Credit Card Required

How It Works

Simdify includes a Windows®-desktop application that allows you to create, debug, and export shaders for Raspberry Pi 3/4.


Create a new OpenGL® ES 300 or 310 shader. Open the shader source and start writing code, or follow one of our amazing tutorials. Shaders for Raspberry Pi 3/4 were never this easy!


Our visual debugging tools put an end to hours of stress and frustration. Debug rendered output values for graphics shaders, or per invocation values in compute shaders.


Export .H and .CPP files that implement the application. Our exporter writes a custom OpenGL® engine for you, along with a makefile and everything else needed to compile a complete application.


Created For Raspberry Pi

Over two years of on-going development and thousands of iterations to ensure that shaders work on Raspberry Pi 3/4. You can even use compute shaders on Raspberry Pi 4!

Eat the Whole Pi

Raspberry Pi devices have two main processors: a general purpose CPU, and a GPU. Why not use the hidden power of the GPU in your device to do even more?

Raspberry Pi 3

Build shaders for the FULL KMD or FAKE KMD graphics profiles. Export only the files needed to run your shader on your device. Live shader code updates. Runs on Buster and Bulleye.

Raspberry Pi 4

Build graphics and compute shaders. Access the hidden power of the GPU and fully utilize the awesome computing power of your device. Runs on Buster and Bulleye.

No Magic Incantations

Which call goes where? How do I use extensions. When do you bind the program? When do you bind the buffer? When do you unbind it? Nope. Just build it and export it.


The Simdify design application is scriptable. Includes 300K+ lines of high-quality script code. If you see a command, there is a 99% chance you have the full source for it. Don’t touch a C++ compiler to get work done.

World Class Documentation

Step-by-step tutorials that show you how to build, debug, and export shaders. Thousands of pages of API reference documentation. All commands and nodes are fully documented.


Less than dinner out at a cool restaurant. Friendly licensing terms for individuals and businesses. No monthly vampire bites. Includes free updates for a year.

You’re a creator. Come create!

Download Simdify today, and see why it’s the easiest OpenGL experience on the planet for Raspberry Pi 3/4.

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