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Export directly to other platforms from our Windows desktop application.

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How It Works

Design an OpenGL/GLSL workload, export a full-source C++ application, and compile on any supported target platform.


Export to Windows. You’ll get a Visual Studio Solution file and all the source code needed to compile a Win32 graphics application that runs your workload.


Export to Linux. You’ll get a makefile and all the source code needed to compile a Linux graphics application that runs your workload.

Raspberry Pi 3/4

Export to Buster or Bullseye. You’ll get a makefile and all the source code needed to compile a Raspberry Pi graphics application that runs your workload.


Seamless Export

The exporter seamlessly exports all the required nodes from the document to disk as binary files. The exporter also checks your document and exports all the C++ source code needed to run your workload as a standalone executable.

Full Source

You get the full Simdify Scripting Language source code for the exporter, and full C++ source code for the exported application, meaning you can make whatever changes you need.

Binary Data

Nodes such as textures and variables are exported as binary files, ensuring high performance loading. Each class has a ::Read method that you can inspect to learn about the memory layout of the object on disk.


Outside of any linker requirements, an exported application for any platform is completely standalone. You can use the application by itself, or pick and choose the source code you need to add GPU graphics and compute capabilities to your own applications.

Leverage C++ STD Library

The exported engine is based on the C++ standard library, and uses common sense implementations. For example: most data storage uses std::vector, making it very easy for anyone with C++ experience to work with the source code.

Modern OpenGL

The exporter engine uses modern OpenGL features such as uniform buffers, shader buffers, and compute shaders.


The exporter comes with every product we make, including Simdify Free Edition. Note that the Simdify Free Edition license agreement allows personal use only — but it’s still an amazing way to get started.

Export Complete C++ Applications.

Download Simdify Free Edition and export complete C++ applications that run your OpenGL/GLSL workload. See why it’s the easiest OpenGL experience on the planet.

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