The Fastest, Easiest Way to Write Shaders for Video

With Simdify Video+, you can have a video processing workload running on your device in minutes. Works with live or pre-recorded video. Supports common formats such as YUV420P and NV12.

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How It Works

Simdify includes a Windows®-desktop application that allows you to create, debug, and export workloads for video processing.


Create a new video shader and you’ll immediately have shader code running on our pre-recorded sample video. Connect your own video from disk (using popular formats) or RTSP sources.


Our visual debugging tools put an end to hours of stress and frustration. Debug rendered output values for graphics shaders, or per invocation values in compute shaders.


Export C++ source code that implements the application. Our exporter writes a custom OpenGL® engine for you, along with a makefile and everything else needed to compile a complete application.


Export To Linux

Export video shaders to Linux devices, compile using the provided makefile/GCC, and you will have instant results. There is no easier way to use a GPU for video processing.

Export To Raspberry Pi 3/4

Export video shaders to Raspberry Pi 3/4 devices, compile using the provided makefile/GCC, and you will have instant results. This is the easiest way to use your GPU to process video.

Write Graphics Shaders

Out of the box, Simdify Video+ can process video with graphics shaders. Access the awesome power of GLSL to create custom effects!

Write Compute Shaders

If you add the Simdify Compute+ module to your arsenal, you’ll be able to process video with compute shaders. It’s the fastest way to process video in the known universe!

Clean, Multi-Format GLSL Back End

Simdify’s GLSL video processing back end accurately processes multi-plane video formats. This means you can work with just the YUV data if needed, for the best performance.

World Class Documentation

Step-by-step tutorials that show you how to build, debug, and export shaders. Thousands of pages of API reference documentation. All commands and nodes are fully documented.


At $59, frankly, the price is so low that it would cost more to browse the the Linux video format documentation than it would to purchase this module and get started.

The Easiest OpenGL Video Experience Ever Developed!

Buy Simdify Video+ today, and see why it’s the easiest experience ever developed for OpenGL + Video.

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